April 25, 2024

Thai Cuisine

When it comes to what to eat in Bangkok, the sky’s the limit

Thais love their food and rightly so. Thai food offers a rich variety of options you must taste to believe. Bangkok has an amazing range of local restaurants serving street food style menus in open fronted shop houses, with a couple of fans to cool you if you’re lucky. The city is abundant with these restaurants as almost every meal for a Thai is eaten out, making it one of the world’s greatest and most affordable cities for food lovers.

Local restaurants in Bangkok are classified as those with at least 75% local clientele, cheap and cheerful cutlery, empty gas canisters lined up against the wall, perhaps a shrine in one corner and pictures of revered monks and beloved kings on the walls. Plastic plates, aluminium cups and outdated furnishings aside, the best of these unassuming restaurants serve up unbelievably good Thai food, often specialising in a particular recipe that is handed down through generations.

But why limit yourself to just the food, whether a quick fix at a street-side stall or an elaborate sit-down meal at a posh hotel, when you can enjoy dining as an experience here in Bangkok.